crossplatform software solutions
Focus Areas

A software touch
to improve the way businesses run

Crossplatform IoT and Multimedia solutions

Agile, Adaptive and Customer centric organisation

Low overheads; Best cost option for our customers

Lean Organisation and Experienced in outsourced engineering with European OEMs

UI & UX Engineering

Regardless of your assets or technology being used

Deployments & Platforms

Backward or forward development and porting to the platform of your choice

Middleware & Componentization

Decades of C and C++ experience
Harald Kjølberg

"Crossware is a key part of our development project. They bring the expertise and experience we don’t have in-house; they bring it in a professional and punctual manner. Crossware extends our capacity and competence, and they help us find new and innovative solutions and ideas. Crossware is a partner with which we have a mutual trust and a very close and good cooperation."

Head of Software, Zenitel, Norway
Harald Kjølberg
Yoann Lopes

"Crossware matches all our expectations, they enable us to scale both our development and testing needs in a flexible manner, are able to tackle the most diverse and challenging requirements, and integrate well with a distributed international development team. They are a trusted long-term partner and have become part of our operations."

Senior Product Manager, The Qt Company
Yoann Lopes
Dwayne Zimmerman

"Lars and Sumer will discuss your project like partners, you will forget they are a vendor. An excellent resource for any UI project."

CEO, QuantumTek.AG, USA
Dwayne Zimmerman

UI and UX Engineering

Frictionless Workflows

We care about frictionless asset workflows from UX assets (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch) to code usage/generation, whatever tool expertise is required, we are not shy of using them.

Perfect Solutions for all Deployments

We create UI solutions (apps, tools,…) for various deployments at the same time. Pixel perfect with the same code base

Lightweight and Reusable

Our HMI’s are extremely lightweight and reusable, there is no data nor logic inside at all, the teams can work in parallel right from the start.

Middleware and Componentization

We encapsulate your IP

We encapsulate core assets in C++ and C, be it simple things like a music player or more complex domain/industry and customer-specific components. All for the same reason of reusability and performance.

We are Audio/Video Experts

We have in-depth technology expertise for various topics like GStreamer, Airplay, ChromeCast, Mira Cast, Speech technology integration (e.g. Snips, Cerence), graphics and image postprocessing, Open CV, and many more.

Secure and Reliable Communication

All of this and many more are in our DNA: MQTT, CoAP, CAN, BT, Lora, NBIot, 4G/5G, DECT

and Platforms











We build for any platform

Wide range of hardware experience, ST, NXP, Renesas, Intel combined with our OS expertise

Our Dev and CI process includes any OS/HW

Our CI and test automation include any HW/SW set-ups, even native application on the Web with WebAssembly

We do backward and forward Engineering

Whether you need to optimize your current SW stack to new architectures or to upgrade your SW to newer set-ups, we scale to your HW.


A smart remote that
controls almost everything

MCU powered full touch
App portability to iOS, Android, smart watches
Dynamic Channel update


An internet music player
that makes waves too

Crossware’s HMI internet music player has a multithreaded application running smooth transition between radio stations.

We are an AirServer (App Dynamic)
Solution Development Partner
We are a Toradex Development Partner
We are a Qt Service Partner

“Customers must be bold to define the challenge, the supplier must be wise to judge it, and both must take risks on the way to a valuable relationship.”

Lars König
CEO and Founder